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Hi John long time no msg! 29/9/08

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Hi John and hows you doing then still busy working?
If your wondering who I am its Dale from Doncaster England, I've had this Username for quite sometime now, I had to get rid of ZZLifes Such A B*tch! (It has a letter i where the star is) so if you've got it on your friends list can you please deleate please smiley - cheers I was having lots and lots of problems all ny threads ended up been moderated, erm even my PS vanished, so I logged on one day and ticked all them little boxes & wiped it from the system, well it's still there but I can not log on lol. If you like you can add this name to your Free Tibbet list just the All Alone:o( bit as I tend to change the last bit when I'm not at my partner's. Yep still with Dave 4.5yrs it'll be. Seems like everyone I knew on here has left smiley - sadface Oh well such is life! Right I better go and have a smiley - lurk around take care m8. Dale.
P.s hows the weather in Canada? Here getting cold at nights thats in Telford. Oh ya if you ever fancy emailing at any time heres my addy:-
[email protected]

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Hi John long time no msg! 29/9/08

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