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h2g2 Operations


You are listed as being a member of the Curator volunteer scheme.

Are you still an active member of that volunteer scheme? Please respond to this message.

Also, please ensure that the email address you have entered in your preferences is a current address.

On a related note, we are asking all volunteers to please read and consent to follow the new h2g2 Volunteer Code of Conduct A87765736 Just leave a comment in the 'I promise' thread, stating you've read and agree with the Code of Conduct.

That public promise will earn you an updated badge on your Personal Space (once the last kink in code gets ironed out).

If we hear nothing from you by 31 August 2012, we will assume that you are no longer active, and you will be awarded a badge for retired volunteers.

Thank you.
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TRiG (Ireland) A dog, so bade in office

Erm ... I dunno. I've not done curating in a while, but I keep intending to get back to it. I've signed the promise thread already, but perhaps it would be best to list me as retired for now. I'll try to get back to it later.

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h2g2 Operations

I'm sorry to hear it. If you feel a break is what you need, then take it. But come back soon, please? You know how valuable volunteers, are, right? smiley - smiley

Milla smiley - cogs

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TRiG (Ireland) A dog, so bade in office

I've recently committed to do a couple of things for various people, and then failed, or delayed or whatever, so I'm very reluctant to commit to anything else right now. I can't focus at all at the moment.

On the other hand, curating is always something you can do very little of and still do. I just feel it's a bit dishonest to claim the status when I'm not actually doing it.

How about you list me as retired, but poke me again in November? My life might be a bit more organised then. I hope.

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h2g2 Operations

smiley - ok Will try to remember to remind you in November.

Thanks for the job so far!
Milla smiley - cogs

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