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hi im tired and feel like going to sleep right now but i can't and so i really dont no if i can b bohered to write here but i am so hey. I am alsoin a kind of good mood as i have just passed my powerboat level 2 and can now go on to become a dinghy instructor yey!!. but bye now

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hmm i haven't writen anything here for a while so i thought i'd write anything i could think of im having a really bad day for typing and hearing people also my secret is out i have been told by my friend that i belong i na mental asylum pity i can reak so much more chaos out here in the world never mind i will hqave to survive.Ahrgg i cannot type!

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I need a good rant so go away now and i will vent my fustration on this measly machine

i hate IT the teacher is never there or helping people like cornish who are always ahead and why can't they teach the clait course or anything at all cos we just make notes from books when we aren't doing cfourse work and were doing a half GCSE instead of a clait course and everyone will think we only got a 1/2 GCSE cos we couldn't b bothered to do a proper one and i'm going to get a s!!ty mark and i could have got a really good make on the clait

ok rant over

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Is bored an improvement on tired

well as im sure you've guessed im bored i need some help in it and opur teacher is never in the room so i can't get him to help me so im getting further behind so im bored and writing on h2g2 but most people are at wor4k or school and not on the net so no-oneis replying to my posts and so now ive replied toall the posts im bored and decided to write here and tell everyone about this

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again tired

ok well yet again im tired i went on a Biology feild trip over the weekend and stayed up a bit late then the next night i stayed up as well then the next day i went sailing and kinda collapsed in a heap at home then had to get up early 4 school actually i had to get up early every day anyway tired and don't want to type ne more so i go sleep now

ps im not sur if im high or if i just go like this when im tired i think its prob highness

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