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Massive Sulk

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kim deal

oh yes, I am a leftie. Which is why I'm so thoroughly disenchanted with the labour party - what with them having more of a rightwing than your average stately home.

I recently came across a comedian (who's name I cannot remember for the blessed life of me) who suggested a tv show called "racist, biggotted pr***s say the funniest things"

I remember thinking that it would make spectacular television.

Then last night those dreams came true when I got to see Kilroy Silk arguing with romany gypsies on prime time tv. It's like driving past a car crash - you know you shouldn't watch - but.......smiley - laugh

Massive Sulk

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Only living boy in New Cross - The Good, The Bad and the Average


Don't get me started - the reassuring thing is he's clearly not bright enough to really wield any power.

I doubt he actually believes any of the nonsense he spouts (or understand it for that matter)

He's just a run of the mill egomaniac whose ambition out strips his intellect...

A kind of right wing John Prescott...with a tan...

Massive Sulk

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kim deal

Not so much a tan as an overdose of beta caroteine.......
I'm not actually a fan of large areas of the EU thing myself - but that's for reasons of it being a trough for politician's snouts. With the likes of ukip and veritas it's jut plain old fashion racism (or xenophobia if you're trying to sound clever).
It makes me embarassed to be British really. Mind you, a few things do that - most recently - Tony Blair describing Wubba as the most intelligent man he's ever met. Of course, that's only competing with the likes of the cabinet - so it's maybe true.smiley - laugh
For me, Kilroy embodies the arrogance of a certain type of male (although obviously wonem can be arrogant too). But Kilroy has that- well-to-do, no concept of hardship, thinks the sun shines out of his arse, mummy's boy, sort of male vanity. You can imagine him posing on front of his mirror before he goes on the telly - fantasising about the housewives who think he's dishy. Makes me feel quite violent actually.
He's the sort that you actively hope gets outed in some sort of scandal - whatever it may be, just to wipe the cocky smile off his face. Then again, maybe I'm giving this too much thought.....

Massive Sulk

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Tracey Emin is ugly,her work is ugly, her voice is ugly. Just abouyt everything about her is, well ..... ugly. Her art is a con, and ugly, the way she moves is ugly. If we consider her work Art we are sad indeed.

Massive Sulk

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You're entitled to your opinion, of course. I agree, mostly, about the ugliness.
I can't agree about her work being a con, though. Whether or not it looks difficult to you, be assured it wasn't easy for her.

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