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City Name Pronunciations in Illinois, USA

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Visitors to the state of Illinois in the US should be advised that there are a number of cities with well-known namesakes that have, erm, unusual local pronunciations. To save you from making a potentially embarrassing gaffe, please bear in mind the following pronunciations when travelling in those parts.

  • Athens - AY-thens ('AY' rhymes with 'bay')

  • Cairo - KAY-row

  • New Berlin - new-BURR-linn

  • San Jose - san-joe's

  • Tripoli - tri-POE-lee

  • Vienna - VIE-INN-uh

  • In addition to the above phonetic anomalies, other cities in Illinois include Paris, Brooklyn, El Paso and Chicago.

    All travellers should exercise caution when purchasing airline tickets to avoid spending an unexpected sojourn in Illinois.

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