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Quick Kansas City Barbecue Marinade

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Here's a quick marinade for a good-ol' Kansas City-style barbecue. Keep in mind, this isn't the barbecue glaze itself, this is just what makes the meat so tender on smoking day. This is highly recommended for all beef and pork. It works best with beef brisket, pork loin and 'country-style' cut ribs. It doesn't work so well with chicken, and please, don't marinate fish in this. Measurements are approximate, and vary in proportion to how much meat you marinade.

In a container large enough to cover the meat, combine:

  • One large bottle of Italian dressing

  • Half a large can of pineapple juice (this breaks down the muscle fibres in the meat, ensuring its tenderness)

  • Half a pint of whiskey1

  • Three chopped green onions

  • Three sliced Serrano chillies

For additional flavour, add soy sauce. For additional spice, add a few squeezes of Sri-Ra-Cha Vietnamese chilli sauce

Marinate for up to (but no longer than) three days in the refrigerator, until you're ready to smoke. The meat will appear grey on the surface.

When you glaze your meat, do so only in the last half-hour of your barbecue, and do so conservatively. You want to taste the meat, not just the glaze. Good luck and happy barbecuing!

1This does not have to be 'the good stuff'; any whiskey will do.

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