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'Fraggle Rock' - the Animated Series

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Fraggle Rock was a children's television programme created by Jim Henson Productions in 1983. Though the original series was populated by muppets1, there was also a cel-animated2 series, which first hit TV screens in 1987. This version carried over many of the elements from the 'muppet' version, though there were many differences too.

Fraggle Rock focused on small creatures called Fraggles, who lived in a network of underground caves beneath a remote island. A hidden door to these caves was situated in a wall in the workshop of an inventor named Doc. There were other creatures on the island too, such as Doozers and Gorgs. The Fraggles lived by a simple code which was also the theme song to the programme:

Dance your cares away, worries for another day,
Let the music play, down at Fraggle Rock.


Uncle Travelling Matt

Uncle Travelling Matt3 was Gobo's uncle. He spent most of his time in the outside world, or 'Outer Space' exploring and making new discoveries. These discoveries were sent back to Gobo on postcards, which Gobo treated as important scientific documents. Matt made many important discoveries, such as finding the Fraggles a new source of food.


Gobo was the leader of the 'Fraggle Five'. Like his uncle, Gobo was also an explorer, but he explored the far reaches of the Fraggle cave. As both an explorer and a leader, Gobo was brave, and every few days he went to 'Outer Space' to read the postcards sent by Uncle Travelling Matt.


The name 'Wembley' comes from the Fraggle word 'wemble', which means 'to have trouble in decision- making'. Living up to this name, Wembley was often confused, and would spend a lot of time making up his mind about small, trivial matters. Wembley was always eager to please, especially his best friend, Gobo. As part of the Fraggle Fire Service, Wembley found his vocation as the siren.


Boober loved doing things that were boring, which was why it was his job to do the laundry. Boober was a worrier, and so he decided that he needed to know about everything, just in case he ought to be worrying about it.


Mokey was the oldest of the 'Fraggle Five'. She was dreamy and poetical, always willing to help anyone who had a problem. Her job was to collect food from the Gorg's garden, and although she loved the peace and quiet, she knew how to have fun.


Red was the most energetic of the Fraggles. Even when she fell down, Red would pick herself up and carry on. She loved sport, but didn't take losing too well. Her job was to clean the pool, which suited her well as one of her favourite things to do was swim, and dive into the pool. Mokey was her best friend.

Outer Space

Outer Space was the name given by the Fraggles to the world outside Fraggle Rock.


Doc was the human whose home the Fraggles often steal from. He was an inventor and Fraggle Rock was beneath his house. Doc had no clue that the Fraggles existed, and was the only human seen in the programme4.


Sprocket, or 'The Hairy Monster' as the Fraggles knew him, was a scruffy dog who lived in 'The room at the end of the tunnel', or Doc's workshop. Sprocket loved to chase Gobo as he tried to collect the postcards from Matt; Gobo, however, didn't think it was much fun. Sprocket was cleverer than most dogs, and could do things such as operate a computer.

Other Creatures


Doozers, smaller than the Fraggles, were also inhabitants of Fraggle Rock. They spent all their time building anything they could think of. Building space was never in short supply, as the Fraggles liked to eat the constructions made by the Doozers, so they just rebuilt.


At 22 feet tall, the Gorgs were the biggest creatures featured in Fraggle Rock. There were only three Gorgs remaining, Ma, Pa and Junior. The family lived in the ruins of a castle, just outside Fraggle Rock. Ma and Pa were the self-proclaimed King and Queen of the Universe, and no-one disagreed. Junior was made to do all the chores for Ma and Pa, but always found time to attempt to catch the Fraggles who tried to steal food from the garden.

Trash Heap

The Trash Heap was a living compost heap, found just outside the Gorgs castle. 'She' was an oracle, and so the Fraggles would brave the dangers of the Gorgs' garden to seek her advice.

Philo and Gunge

Philo and Gunge were two rats who lived in the Trash Heap. These two were the only ones allowed to call her by her first name, Marjory, and would tell the Fraggles when their time with her was up.

The End?

Sadly, the animated series ran for just one season before becoming a victim of TV schedulers. With the live action muppet series ending at the same time, this left future generations robbed of a wonderful, whimsical world.

1'Muppet' is a word created by Jim Henson himself. An amalgamation of 'puppet' and 'marionette', it describes a type of puppet where the mouth is controlled by one hand with the limbs controlled by rods.2Cel animation is the most common animated style, where all the elements requiring animation are painted onto clear plastic 'cels' that are placed on a static background.3An in-joke - a 'travelling matte' is a technique used in film editing to obscure a small part of the screen, such as a face or a logo in a 'fly-on-the-wall' documentary.4In the 'live action' TV series, this character was different depending on where in the world the show was broadcast. For example, the North American shows had 'Doc' (Gerry Parkes), where the British version had Fulton McKay as 'The Captain'.

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