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The Royal Mile, Edinburgh

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Otherwise known as High Street, the Royal Mile extends from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood Palace.

Attempts have been made to retain the historical atmosphere of this street. It remains cobbled, and there are tight restrictions on the way buildings in the area are constructed. You can still find the occasional red telephone box on the Royal Mile.

Situated as it is, in the heart of Edinburgh's Old Town, the Royal Mile attracts tourists all year round, who enjoy the diverse range of shops and caf├ęs found along its length. They often indulge in one of the many ghost/dungeon tours that take them down into the medieval vaults and tunnels deep underneath the Royal Mile and surrounding area.

Given its location between the two Royal residences, the road has witnessed many historic ceremonies over the centuries; the most recent being the return of the Stone of Scone, otherwise known as 'The Stone of Destiny'.

The Royal Mile was also the location for another historical event, the opening of the new Scottish Parliament.

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