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Living in Bromley is like nouvelle cuisine: the more you pay, the less you get for your money. It isn't cheap and the thrills and spills of life are relatively thin on the ground. It is a nice area, with the back-street dives vastly outnumbered by the expanse of middle-class suburbia, but it is somewhat lacking in the night-life department.

There are, however, two night clubs in the town centre: Biba's in Widmore Road, and the newly opened Delano's in East Street. Biba's has been around for quite a few years but is very small and is not highly rated by anyone who's ever been there, tending to be the place to go if you want to carry on drinking after pub closing time. Opinion on Delano's is as yet undecided, with it being fairly new, but rumour has it that it's over 25's only, costs about £8 to get in and you have to pay a £35 annual membership fee before you can even think of getting through the door.

Bromley does far better in the pub stakes however, boasting a 300 metre 'strip' with no fewer than ten pubs. The most recent of these is the newly refurbished Town House, which is bright and airy during the day and has a D.J. and a halfway decent light show at night. One thing that stands the Town House apart from the rest is that it has a licence to serve drinks until 1 a.m. with last entries being at 10 p.m.(Thursday, Friday and Saturday only.)

Of the rest The Royal Bell is the largest in Bromley, has decent music and is the only one with pool tables (three), The Pamphilon serves good beer and has a variety of arcade machines to play, and the Philatelist & Firkin has by far the friendliest bar staff to be found.

Further down the High Street is Jazzmins, a very lively bar and disco which is very popular with the over 25's. One of its claims to fame is that Robbie Williams and his then All Saints girlfriend casually called in there once for a not-so-quiet drink.

Other features include the Odeon Cinema, a pool and snooker club and the Churchill Theatre, which does attract quite a few stars (Henry 'The Fonz' Winkler, was there not so long ago).

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