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Cheese Whiz - an American Delicacy

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In an act that still has cows very afraid, some American a few generations ago thought it would be a great idea to take the dairy product known as cheese and beat it into submission.

Cheese Whiz is a light pasteurized sauce which can be used as a dip or as a topping for practically any cooking dish that requires cheese, as well as many that do not. This may or may not guarantee the quality of said cooking dish with the addition of Cheese Whiz1.

Cheese Whiz is best served when combined with other pasty food products like refried beans and heavy salsa and served with corn chips. It is also tasty if heated up in a microwave and poured over steamy vegetables like broccoli2. Known to have come in aerosol form until it was no longer fashionable, and sometimes still available in a way similar to shaving cream dispensers, presently Cheese Whiz is best found in American supermarkets in glass jars, plastic squeezable bottles, and in the cellulite of several million American bodies.

There are occasional debates over why it is called Cheese Whiz because there is sometimes a question regarding just how much cheese is actually in the product. This depends partly on where it comes from. Some Cheese Whiz-making companies include dairy-like forms of matter which are only noticeable by those with educated palettes and anyone not under the influence of alcohol.

1Cheese Whiz is not to be confused with the registered trademark Cheez Whiz which is a completely different and fine food product from Kraft, and while we do not formally endorse Cheez Whiz, we would never wish to say anything that would upset Kraft's lawyers.2No. Really.

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