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Tim Tams are a biscuit found in Australia and New Zealand, made by Arnott's.

A Tim Tam is made up of two dry, brown biscuits that are separated by a lovely chocolate cream. The biscuit is finished off by dipping it in chocolate. There a few flavours of Tim Tams, but the most widely eaten ones are the normal chocolate and the double-dipped ones.

Tim Tams are lovely to eat on their own, and once someone buys a tray, within minutes they are all eaten. This usually causes a problem with the person who bought the packet, as they get at most one Tim Tam.

There is also a wonderful tradition called Port/Coffee/Anything Tim Tams. Take the Port Tim Tams, for example - the rest are the same except instead of port, you can use coffee or any other drink that you like. A Port Tim Tam gets its name from the fact that the Tim Tam is full of port. The port gets into a Tim Tam by using the biscuit as a straw. One only has to bite both ends off the Tim Tam, and then suck port up through the biscuit until the port runs freely. Now the formerly dry biscuit is full of port. The next step is to shove the whole Port Tim Tam in your mouth. The flavour cannot be described, only tasted.

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