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Toilet Paper

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Thin tissue paper, often wrapped around thin cardboard cylinders and sold in grocery stores. Toilet paper is usually perforated into small square bits, but people usually just pull from the roll in long streams and rip irregardless of the perforations. Being a versatile item, its uses are many and plentiful. They include:

  • Toilet paper can assist in wiping up almost anything that doesn't stain and some things that do.
  • With the assistance of a comb, thick toilet paper can operate as a makeshift musical instrument similar to a harmonica.
  • Clean toilet paper is ideal for blotting lipstick.
  • Young school students find toilet paper useful for making spit wads which are very small and can be shot out of straws or emptied pens.
  • As an alternative to newspaper, toilet paper can be used when making papier maché.
  • It's also often used to block the plumbing in train toilets.

Toilet paper can also be used for personal hygiene.

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