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Lucid Dreaming

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From time to time, everyone becomes aware of their dreams while they sleep. When this happens, it is possible to take control of the dream and use it as a tool for wish-fulfilment. This state of awareness during sleep is known as lucid dreaming.

If you have ever had a lucid dream, you will know that it can be a fun way to live out your fantasies. Some lucky people achieve lucidity naturally on a regular basis, while others can induce it at will. Most of us though, have to train ourselves to control our dreams. The best way to do this is to become more aware generally. Examine your surroundings several times a day. Rather than accepting what you see, question everything. Look carefully at each object in turn. If you make a habit of being observant in your everyday life, then you will also become more aware in a dream-state. This very simple technique allows most people to become aware of their dreams. However, you must be patient and remember very few people experience lucidity every time they dream. When you first become aware of your dreams you may find that the sudden awareness startles you into waking up. You can often tell when you are starting to wake from a dream, because the scene begins to lose colour, focus or sound.

Finally, you should keep a dream journal. Every morning, write down as much as you can about your dreams as soon as you wake up. Write in the first person and the present tense. This should help you transfer the dreams into your long-term memory. You can also use your dream journal to relive favourite dreams, by reading the book before sleeping and focusing on the thought that you wish to relive that particular dream.

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