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Animation of a man putting his finger in a fuse-box and being electrocuted.

A very, very nasty process where your entire body is a conductor for 240 (or 115) volts of electricity. Usually results in death. If somehow you don't die, it's called a 'shock'. If someone is being electrocuted, there is usually a low 'humming' sound and the lights will dim.

How to Avoid Electrocution:

  1. Don't place foreign objects in an electrical outlet.
  2. Don't dismantle electrical equipment when it's still plugged in.
  3. Wear rubber gloves if you want to do any of the above.
  4. Call in a qualified electrician to attend to electrical emergencies.
  5. Live in a cave.

If someone you love is being electrocuted, do not touch them! You should try to turn off the electricity source, but if you can't then grab a towel, hook it round them and try to pull them away from the source of their pain.

If someone you don't love is being electrocuted, then you will face what mankind calls a Moral Decision. Enjoy it.

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