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Sexual Frustration

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This is an almost constant state of being for most humans. From the onset of puberty to the occurrence of death, most human beings are thinking, talking or having sex, and those who aren't doing any of these things are wondering why not1.

The frustrating thing about sex is that, even if you're having some, you live in a constant state of fear that you may be missing out on some from somewhere else. Worse, you may be missing out on some which is better than what you're having now.

Several religions have capitalised on this universal human obsession, making it part of their doctrines that the elimination or restriction of sexual thoughts, feelings and acts is good for the soul. This allows such religions to keep their members disciplined and energetic. Other concepts within each religion can then be used to redirect the energy of its frustrated members into other pursuits. Other religions attempt to eliminate sexual frustration in a different way, by sanctifying and encouraging the practice of sex. Such religions offend the practitioners of those religions which do not share their beliefs, and are usually condemned merely for this reason.

A widely culturally sanctioned state of sexual frustration is known as 'virginity', which is a condition in which the practitioner2 has not actually had sex at all, and so the natural state of sexual frustration is compounded by feelings of anticipation. The mainstream religions, who encourage restrictive sex practices, prize this state although their doctrines tend to confuse it with 'innocence'. This is also, coincidentally, a state of being for almost all teenagers, and explains their energy and exuberance which, if left unchecked, may compound into aggression.

The fact that sexual frustration is a natural condition has confused and disturbed many people, and angered and excited many others. No-one, evidently, knows an effective way to limit sexual frustration while also limiting the practice of sex. This self-contradictory aim has evidently contributed to most human achievements and, a cynic would say, has probably led to more wars.

1In societies where the 'free and easy' pursuit and/or practice of sex is discouraged, then the use of psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors by members of those societies increases.2These practitioners are known as 'virgins'.

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