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A collection of feathers, gathered together and thrown into a big square of material. These are usually covered with other squares of material which are designed to colour co-ordinate with the d├ęcor in the room and speak volumes about the owner's tastes, sexual preferences, and marital status.

The Sinister Side of Duvets

Alleviating the need for the traditional flat-sheets-and-blankets method of bed dressing, duvet covers have become the fashion in recent times. They do, however, have a sinister side to them.

In the dead of night, the duvet will suck all its feathers up into a great big ball in an attempt to cause arguments between bed co-habitors. Do not be fooled. It is the duvet, and not your loved one, which is to blame. Slowly but firmly grasp the corner nearest you and tug and squeeze. The duvet will soon redistribute its feathers and you can settle down to sleep once more.

Synthetic Duvets

Duvets which use synthetic materials rather than feathers are available for those with allergic tendencies. Whether it is due to the material used or the type of basting stitch used to keep the material in place, synthetic duvets seem somewhat less prone to creep and clump in the wee hours of the night. However, perhaps because synthetic duvets tend to be less heavy, they often have a difficult time staying properly attached to the cloth duvet covers.

Prior to the advent of synthetic duvets, duvet use was generally frowned upon for those with asthma, who are often prone to allergies. Furthermore, duvets can be a hiding place for dust mites, which are also known to aggravate asthma. Those with asthma are recommended to wash all bedding in hot water weekly, and this is especially true for duvet covers.

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