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Hereford, Herefordshire, UK

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Situated halfway along the English/Welsh border, Hereford is a quaint little cathedral city straddling the River Wye. The cathedral itself houses two famous medieval relics, the oldest chained library, and the famous Mappa Mundi or map of the world1. Dominating the high street is the spectacular half-timbered Jacobean 'Old House', superbly furnished in 17th Century style.

Most of the usual large shops are in residence, such as Woolworths and Marks & Spencer. A bowling alley sits on the outskirts of town, on Aylestone Hill, and, coupled with ABC Cinema on Commercial Road, suffices for entertainment in the area.

Clubs of note include Eros next to the cinema and The Crystal Rooms on Bridge Street. For fitness fans, there's a Leisure Centre on Holmer Road just outside town, and a swimming pool next to the river. Eateries worth visiting are Café Uno, next to the town library, and Doodies, in St Owens street, along with, of course, the ever present McDonalds in the centre of town. Cider can be sampled at the Cider Museum at the King Offa Distillery.

Tips for Travellers

  • There is a one way road system in operation in the centre of town.

  • Only catch the bus if you really know where you're going.

  • Try to look middle class.

  • Everybody speaks English. Citizens are mostly harmless, so feel free to approach them without apprehension.

1Unless it's been sold to pay for cathedral repairs.

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