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Coventry Ring Road, West Midlands, UK

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The Coventry Ring Road is one of the few road systems that seems to owe its continued existence to luck. Any driver that has experienced it first-hand will admit that they are dumbfounded as to why its maddening system of joint on/off slip roads and blind spots doesn't cause at least 20 accidents a day. It seems that the intervention of luck means that such accidents just don't happen, even though you can stand and watch the road for hours without being able to work out why.

The ring road in question is also incredibly small, making it possible to complete a circuit in around five minutes, even when sticking to the 40mph speed limit. Unfortunately, this makes it all too easy to miss your turn-off, as you're not expecting to be leaving a ring road so soon after having joined it. It doesn't matter though, because the same turning will be re-appearing in just a few minutes anyway.

One of the features of the Coventry Ring Road that appeals to a great many people, however, is that it provides access to high speed roads that lead away from Coventry.

All in all, it's a fascinating road system to watch... from a safe distance.

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