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The jammie dodger. A marvellous biscuit indeed. A member of what is lovingly referred to as the 'grab 'em quick before they all go' family of biscuits, because of their incredible desirability to all when placed on a plate as an accompaniment to coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Other members of this desirable biscuit family include the bourbon cream, the custard cream and the less frequently seen pink wafer. However, it is the jammie dodger that we are here to sing the praises of.

Jammie dodgers, for the unfamiliar, consists of two round biscuits with a hole in the centre of one of them. The two biscuits form a 'sandwich', with the holed biscuit on top. The centre of the sandwich is filled with a lovely white fondant, but the coup de grace is served by the hole on the top biscuit, which forms a window to the inside of the biscuit and reveals a blob of raspberry jam beneath.

Quite where the name jammie dodger comes from is unclear. One possibility is that 'jammie dodger' is a term given when playing childrens games like tag or hide-and-seek to denote someone who is a particularly lucky player in being undetected or untouched. Some clever biscuit executive may have got hold of the term and invented the biscuit around it. Whatever the reason, it is a fine biscuit and part and parcel of every great afternoon tea break.

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