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A popular two-piece band from the 1980s, Wham! comprised George Michael and Andrew Ridgley, a couple of cheeky hopefuls from London with their hearts set on the big time. Success did not take long to find them and in 1982, only a year after forming the band, the childhood friends were catapulted to the top of the hit parade, accompanied by their beautiful and talented backing singers, Pepsi and Shirley.

As well as producing a string of hits such as 'Young Guns (Go For It!)', 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go', and 'Club Tropicana', the band must also be remembered for initiating a number of the major fashion blunders of the decade. These include wearing different coloured fluorescent socks on each foot with white slip-on shoes, and putting on really cheap T-shirts with rubbish slogans printed on them.

Wham! soon became the media darlings of the 1980s and both members became millionaires by the time they were 20. In April 1985 they became the first Western band ever to play in the People's Republic of China, but less than a year later the duo decided to disband Wham! at the height of their success. This left George Michael free to develop his solo career and explore pastures new, and allowed Andrew the time to settle down, have a family, and do lots of surfing, something he is reputedly much better at than guitar playing.

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