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Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers

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Setting: Haddonfield, 30 October, 1989

The film opens with the end sequence of Halloween 4, where Michael is shot and falls into the earth. However, it is revealed that he did not in fact die (surprise!), but rather fell into an underground river that carried him along until he was washed ashore and rescued by a man. A year later, Michael awakes from a long sleep - an event felt strongly by Jamie who has developed a psychic link with Michael.

In the year since she tried to kill her mother, Jamie has been confined to Haddonfield Children's Hospital and is unable to speak. She is very weak, but is regularly visited by her adopted sister Rachel and her friend Tina.

Michael returns to Haddonfield and starts killing all in his path, while the mute Jamie is unable to warn Tina of the danger and unwilling to talk to Dr Loomis. Rachel is soon killed and when Tina is in danger, Jamie runs to try to save her.

Dr Loomis takes Jamie back to the Myers' house with a full police escort, However, when the escort is called away, they leave Dr Loomis, two policemen and Jamie to fend for themselves. The policemen are soon disposed of by Michael, who chases Jamie. Michael appears almost touched by Jamie's innocence and sheds a tear. This does not last long though, and Michael soon returns to his evil self. Though he is caught by Dr Loomis, Loomis has a heart attack and collapses. Before he can escape, Michael is taken to the local police station.

A man with pointy shoes and a hat, who has been seen lurking in the background throughout the flm, arrives at the station - all inside are killed. Jamie visits the police station, sees all the corpses and realises that Michael has somehow escaped. She turns around and screams...


1.Hermit who rescued MichaelStrangledHis houseRescued Michael
2.Rachel LloydStabbedHer houseRelative
4.'Spitz' PeteStabbed with forkBarnHad sex
5.SammyHead chopped offBarnHad sex
6.CopStabbedOff screenPolice
7.CopStabbedOff screenPolice
9.EddyOff screenOver radioPolice
10.CharlieHungMyers HousePolice
11 & 12CopsOff-screenPolice stationPolice


Donald PleasenceDr Samuel J Loomis
Ellie CornellRachel Carruthers
Donald L ShanksMichael Myers
Danielle HarrisJamie Lloyd
Beau StarrSheriff Ben Meeker
Karen AlstonMrs. Darlene Carruthers
Wendy KaplanTina Williams
Matthew WalkerSpitz
Tamara GlynnSamantha 'Sammy' Thomas
Jeffrey LandmanWilliam 'Billy' Hill
Max RobinsonDr. Max Hart
Betty CarvalhoNurse Palsey
Jonathan ChapinMikey
Frank ComoDeputy Nick Ross
Harper RoismanHermit
David UrsinDeputy Tom Farrah

Characters with names in italics are recurring characters.


Just as the series began to look impressive with Return Of Michael Myers, it hit rock bottom with 1989's Revenge. All the tension from Return has gone and is replaced by repetitive death scenes and the most annoying characters to ever hit a slasher film. The worst of these is Tina, who spends her time giggling and doing little else. Why Tina is so close to Jamie is never adequately explained, nor is why Jamie spends her time worrying about what's happening to Tina and not thinking of Rachel, her now-murdered adoptive sister.

Tina is a central character in the film, but you never know why. She is just there, and is annoying. Frankly, when she is finally killed, you feel relieved rather than terrified. The same applies to a pair of policemen who are accompanied by clown noises whenever they appear, and say such uninspiring lines as 'We're not very good cops.' Revenge does not take itself seriously, but is still devoid of any genuine wit.

Although the film is set one year on from Halloween 4, the seven-year-old Jamie is now nine (!), an example of how sloppy the plot is in comparison to the rest of the series. Another poorly conceived and executed character is that of the Pointy Shoe Man. He is a man who lurks in shadows, wearing pointy shoes and a big hat. Though he would return in the next sequel, here his presence remains unexplained and frustrating.

Overall, a disappointing film with few redeeming features and few scares - the only death scene of any interest is Rachel's. Apart from her death, you are pushed towards taking Michael's side. Arguably, it's the most unrewarding film in the series.

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