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Toe Nails

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These are the horny appendages that grace the extremities of people's toes, as opposed to fingernails which can be found on the ends of people's fingers. They are made from a form of skin containing keratin, a hardening protein.

They allow people to put pressure on their feet while walking. They are also good for picking while watching TV late at night; which can sometimes be a hazardous activity if the toenails belong to a person with bad circulation or diabetes, as infection can set in, and ultimately cause the toes to drop off, along with the toe nails - if gangrene sets in. It is very important that diabetics look after their feet and may make visits to a chiropodist1.

Toe nails often have different appearances:

  • Some toe nails are yellow and crumbly, which may indicate a fungal infection is present in them.

  • Others are nice and brightly painted, having a decorative effect. Sparkly nail polish is best, for making them look pretty.

  • Still others are long, very long as their owners are adverse to cutting them for years at a time.

1A person who treats diseases of the feet.

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