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The Chuckle Brothers

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The Chuckle Brothers are probably the finest pair of comedians alive today... nay ever.

Destined for greatness as comedians (Imagine if they had become funeral directors), Paul and Barry have spent a long and fruitful career on the children's television programme Chuckle Vision. Playgrounds ring with the sound of their catchphrase, 'To me'. This is quickly followed by the witty retort, 'To you'. Genius.

As with all the great double acts - Starsky and Hutch, Timmy Mallet and a Mallet, Gordan the Gopher and Phillip Schofield, and, of course, Edd the Duck and Andy Peters - there is more than just a friendship that survives through many hilarious escapades. Oh yes, there is a true message behind the Chuckles' work. They are working class boys from Yorkshire, whose lack of education leaves them not knowing what job they are going to be doing next. Every week they have a new one, which they mess up with gut-busting consequences. The underlying message is very dark. It is a social comment about the poor quality of education and support for the underqualified.

And all of this on children's television. These men should be given a medal for their services to the nation.

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