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Hot Desking

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'Hot desking' is a system where you do not have a specific desk allocated to you in the office, but use any desk that is free.

This practice is generally adopted by companies wishing to save money on office space and facilities. It is ideal for businesses where most employees work largely outside the office - on client sites or at home. The desks are allocated on first come, first served basis. A little like musical chairs. Come in last and you might not get a seat.

To facilitate hot desking, employees may be issued with mobile phones and laptop computers. A mobile phone is essential to ensure that your employees are contactable, any time, anywhere. They cannot escape. Putting a laptop computer in a bag with a ream of useless paperwork opens up the exciting possibility of a slipped disk.

It is very easy to become alienated in a hot desking environment. An agent may return to the office eager to network, only to find an office full of people they have not seen before. This can be disconcerting.

So, if you are lucky enough to work in an office where you are allocated a small cubicle of your own, buy a plant, make it your home and get to know your neighbours. It's worth it.

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