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Bucyrus, Ohio, USA - Bratwurst Festival

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Bucyrus, Ohio is famous for its bratwurst1. A three-day festival is held to honour Bucyrus' tasty version of this phallic food on the last weekend of August.

A young female is chosen to be the Bratwurst Queen, her image is struck on a limited edition brass coin, three parades are held for her glory, and hundreds of kilos of bratwurst are grilled to perfection and served to several hundred thousand hungry festival-goers. Visitors eat their fill of Bucyrus-style bratwurst, served on a rye sandwich roll with chopped onions, hot mustard, and sauerkraut2.

The other 362 days of the year in Bucyrus are spent in quiet small-town bliss, seldom hinting at the popularity of the festival, which once a year swells the town's population to greater than 100,000 with celebrants from as far away as Europe and Asia.

1A German pork sausage.2German pickled cabbage.

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