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Magdalen College School, Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK

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In 1448, the year after his appointment as bishop, William Wayneflete founded a college by the name of Magdalen Hall. In 1456, it was superseded by Magdalen College1. In 1467, the building of Magdalen College School2 began, and by 1480, lessons in Latin, Greek, and maths were being taught. This curriculum was given to boys in exchange for singing at Magdalen College chapel. However, not all of the early pupils were choristers, as we can tell from the autobiography of Thomas Wythorne, appointed to Magdalen in 1544. He says that at least one 16th-Century boy came form outside Oxford to attend Magdalen School.

This original school was a low hall, situated south of St John's Hospital, which was between the present porter's lodge and the Great Tower of Magdelen College. The school occupies a different site today just across Magdalen Bridge, in an area of Oxford known as 'The Plain'. From such humble beginnings the school now comprises:

  • The 1894 School House
  • Big School, a school chapel/theatre
  • The Colin Sanders Building, finished in 1998
  • A block of 1920s buildings
  • A canteen
  • A library
  • An English Block
  • A music block
  • A Quincentenary block, opened on the anniversary of the school's foundation.

Magdalen College School also has the most beautiful cricket ground in the world.

Roll of Honours

 Old Waynfletes include many eminent and important people in England's history, notably Sir Thomas More, who was executed for believing that God came before the king, and not vice versa.

1The license to found this university college was granted on 8 July, 1457.2Not to be confused with Magdalen Hall, Magdalen College or The Magdalen College School in Wainfleet.

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