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The Stock Market

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The Stock Market is a place where many people gather to buy, sell, and trade investments they have made in various companies. Every country has one of some description and Spain has three.

How the Stock Market Works

Investments are also called stock, a part of a company that you own. If you buy ten dollars' worth of a company, and the company makes money, your stock goes up to being worth eleven dollars, therefore, you've made one dollar.

The stock market is full of very, very distressed, loud individuals who spend their mornings worrying about their fortunes. The name Stock Market is a misnomer because it implies there is just one place where people go to engage in such activities. In reality however, there are many stock markets around the world, in Japan, England, and America just to name a few.

How to Play the Stock Market

Many experienced traders will tell you that playing the market is all about research, preparation, and discipline. This is quite clearly untrue. The stock market, like gambling, is nearly all chance. Of course, there are strategies, ways of predicting the odds, but that's not really anything more than counting cards. Basically, buy low, sell high, and just make random guesses on Internet up-starts with catchy names.

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