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Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

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If you want to go somewhere where you can really appreciate a relaxed atmosphere combined with the presence of lazy people, Launceston is the town for you. It's actually the second largest city in Tasmania. Any encyclopaedia will tell you that, but what they don't tell you is that the neighbours do not mind one bit if you walk into your back yard, stark naked, retrieve your garments from the drying line, and get dressed right there in the yard. It's your yard, your clothes line, your clothes, and you have the right to walk around in it naked if you want to. So, of course, getting dressed there wouldn't be a problem either. That's the idea the neighbours have, anyway.

Another great thing about Launceston is the small, independent bakeries that it has. They aren't run by huge, multi-billion dollar corporations, and they have polite staff working at the counter. Lovely, those bakeries.

If you are not interested in lenient neighbours or quaint bakeries, despair not. Launceston still may be the place for you. The Cataract Gorge has been the site of many a rock concert. Alternative bands such as Silverchair, Grinspoon and Powderfinger have graced Launceston with their presence and music, but so have quite a few Christian groups who seem to lack attendance at their own shows.

Situated a mere 120 miles from Hobart, a spot with a bit more of a night life, Launceston isn't really that bad a place. The tap water is wonderful and the parks are lovely - recommended to anyone with an appetite for something abnormally normal, yet unique.

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