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Monopoly Board Game

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Monopoly is possibly the most classic of board games, requiring mainly skill to win, but with enough luck required to make it fun for the less skilful. It was invented in 1934 by Charles Darrow, and rapidly gained in popularity, and is now available in several versions aimed at different countries. There is even a version that has locations based on the Star Wars films.

The game is played on a square board, with a route marked around the edge representing sites in the capital city of the players location1.

Dice are thrown to move around the board using small metal playing pieces, such as a dog, ship, car, top hat, and an iron2. Money is acquired in a number of ways, such as passing GO, having birthdays, renting properties. Money is used up by getting out of jail, paying rent, paying fines for crimes, buying property... and so on, pretty much like real life.

How to Win

Buy every property that you land on, excluding stations and utilities, at the start of the game. While all your friends/family are busy saving up for Mayfair3, you've got a set of properties, three hotels, and about 20 grand.

1Many years ago there used to be races in which the contestants had to visit every site represented on the British version of the game, travelling by foot and using the London underground. These races probably still take place, but no longer get the press coverage.2No-one ever seems to want the iron as their playing piece.3A very expensive part of London, UK and the priciest on the board.

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