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Some Thoughts on Time

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Time is the distance between here and there; in other words, the space in between. It is the amount a person can age in a day or it is the day itself. Whenever the sun changes position, an increment of time has passed.

People judge time by the position of the sun, the hands of a clock or the glowing liquid crystal display of their digital watches. Time is not relative, but everyone has their own opinion as to what time it is. Time is very important to people, but once it is used, it can never be taken back. There is always a steady flow of time which scientists have forever been trying to control and stop.

Many people run their lives by time, and never stop to see what a life they are missing. Time can be the enemy when a person is late for the third time in a row and someone who is hogging the road. It can be the enemy when the alarm wakes a person from blissful sleep in the morning, and forces them to realise reality once again. Time is a friend when anxious students stare at the clock counting the seconds before the end of the school day, or even the busy worker who desires to be anywhere but the little box he lives in called a cubicle or work station.

Time cannot really be defined. It can only be spent or looked forward to or even remembered fondly.

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