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Fabric Softener Sheets - Not Just for Laundry

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One must wonder if the person who invented the fabric softener sheet (also known as 'tumble drier sheets') had any idea how useful these little nice-smelling, anti-static sheets would be. Oh sure, they are certainly a convenient and clean way of softening laundry and preventing static cling, but if you're only using them for laundry, you're selling these little household wonders short.

Alternative Uses

Take their nice smell for instance. This lovely smell (which varies with brand names and varieties within the same brand) can easily become an economical air freshener and odour suppressor. Hang a fabric softener sheet in an area where an air current exists - the air current will release the fragrant stuff on the sheets into the air and make your home smell wonderful.

How about sticking one of these multi-talented little pieces of cloth in or around your household trash bins, you know, the ones under the counter, in the corner of the kitchen, or wherever they might be? One of these sheets attached inside the lid or near the top lip of a trash bin will help freshen the air and will absorb odours for a week or two before needing replacement.

These sheets are also great for preventing and eliminating static cling and static electricity on the spot. Just lightly spritz1 the sheet and rub it on static-charged clothing, car seats, or any household object to eradicate and prevent static electricity.

Wipe away dust - the dust will cling to the sheet. Spritz a used sheet to remove dried water stains and soap residue in the shower, bath, sink, and any other areas in the bathroom. Pet hair will cling to a fabric softener sheet fresh out of the box. If you have rubber-soled shoes like trainers which squeak, or know someone else who has them, the squeaking can be cured by rubbing the soles with a new sheet.

1Mist with a fine spray of water so that it is slightly damp.

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