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Second Cup - Where The World Stops For A Second - is a chain of small cafés found throughout Canada. Similar to Starbucks, but without the aggressive marketing strategy, and, in many people's opinion, Second Cup brews better coffee.

Your basic brewed coffee costs about $1 Canadian1, including tax, for around 300-400ml, and the prices scale from there. For fancier coffees, such as Mochaccino with whipped cream and half white, half dark, chocolate, you'll pay $3 Canadian for the same volume.

One similarity between Second Cup and Starbucks is the 'interesting' habit of playing eclectic music in their cafés. For instance, Latin music, Asian music, Don Music2 whacking his head on the piano, screaming 'I'll never get it right! Never, never, never!'... all can be heard within a Second Cup café from time to time.

As with most chain cafés, ground beans can be purchased. This means you can try to emulate the taste experience in the privacy of your own home - with the enormous plus of great savings in cost.

1At time of going to print - a rough conversion guide is $C1.50 = $US1. £UK1 = $C2.25.2The composer muppet from Sesame Street.

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