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Arsenal Football Club

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Arsenal Football Club from North London, England, are the team which has been in the top division of Britain's Football League for the longest uninterrupted period of time.

This means that over the years they have gathered a lot of ill-feeling from other football supporters. In the 1970s and 1980s the club had a reputation for sound, defensive football which meant whenever they won anything, other teams sometimes resented it greatly - hence what was once the ubiquitous term, Boring Arsenal. However, since the appointment of the current manager Arsene Wenger, Arsenal have started playing a more attacking style.

A source of criticism is that Arsenal's new-found success is based on the importation of expensive, glamorous foreign players - a criticism also levelled at Chelsea FC, from West London. The club's supporters, however, just enjoy the talents on display.

Arsenal play at Highbury Stadium in Islington, London, but are currently negotiating over possible moves to a new venue. The name Arsenal derives from the origins of the club formed by workers at the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, London.

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