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Probably the largest superstore chain in the world, let alone in its native America, Wal-Mart sells just about everthing you need in your home, cheaper than anywhere else. This all sounds well and good until you actually go there for 'just one or two bits and bobs'. However, once you're in the actual store, your brain shifts into some mysterious new gear and makes you 'just have a quick look around'.

Before you know it, you're walking out three hours later with 300 dollars' worth of stuff you don't really need. Then you have to suffer hours of grief from your partner back home explaining why you need a toaster which takes extra thick slices of bread, why you thought the TV Viewing all-in-one zip-up body warmer suit was a good idea, and just how the hell you were both going to figure out how to put together that 'easy to assemble' set of drawers in less than two months.

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