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Didsbury, South Manchester, UK

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Didsbury, until relatively recent times, was a delightful village set in an idyllic rural setting, and is situated in the south of the conurbation1 of Manchester, England.

Excellent Pubs and Restaurants

A pleasant neighbourhood in which to live, Didsbury features large numbers of pubs and restaurants. Popular with younger residents and the students who attend the local campus of Manchester Metropolitan University, these establishments supply good food, great times and excellent vibes.

Great Schools

Didsbury is in the catchment area for two of South Manchester's better state schools, making it a drawcard for people with young families.

A stereotypical view of people who live in Didsbury - in the main held by the other residents of South Manchester - is that people from the area have snobbish tendencies. This unfortunate state of affairs may have arisen because housing costs are relatively expensive compared with most other areas of Manchester.

A Brush with War

During the English Civil War, May 1664, Barlow Moor, near Didsbury, was used as a muster for Prince Rupert's royalist troops on their way to Marsten Moor where on July 2, 1644, these troops suffered the first major Royalist defeat in the War.

1A large densely populated urban sprawl formed by the growth and coalescence of individual towns or cities.

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