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Doner Kebabs - a German Perspective

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If, while visiting Germany, you find that you are hungry, try popping into a Döner-Bude where you can get a richer experience of fast food than the traditional sense of the phrase dictates.

A kebab from a Döner-Bude is made in the following way:

  • A flat, round bread, approximately the diameter of a car wheel1 is divided into quarters. Each quarter is the base of one portion.

  • Dressing is added to the quarters. You often may choose between herb dressing, hot dressing and various others.

  • Next comes the meat. Often you may choose between beef or chicken. If you prefer vegetarian, most Döner-Bude can accommodate you.

  • Now some vegetables, like tomatoes, cucumber, onions, and lettuce and again some dressing.

  • As an extra, you may choose to add cheese - normally sheep's cheese is used.

  • Your Döner is now ready, and will cost you, at time of writing, the equivalent of about a £1.

You may think it sounds like making a pita doner, and you're right. However, Kebab is Turkish, Pita is Greek.

1But much thinner.

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