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Mick Foley - the Wrestler

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Many people make jest of wrestling and how 'fake' it is. Mick Foley is evidence of just how 'fake' the sport is. In his 15-odd year career he has needed over 325 stitches, has suffered eight concussions, had two thirds of his ear ripped off, suffered a broken jaw and two broken noses, had four front teeth knocked out and has had two herniated discs among many other injuries.

Mick Foley, a professional wrestler from Setauket, Long Island, New York retired in early 2000 at the age of 34. His wrestling career lasted 15 years during which time he wrestled in Europe, for both WCW,1and the WWF,2 in Japan, the USA and in other more exotic places. He was one of the most respected wrestlers in the business, in no small part due to the number of injuries he sustained, including: six - eight concussions, two broken noses, several damaged teeth, two herniated discs and most famously, he lost half of one of his ears in an accident in Munich, Germany.

The master of hardcore wrestling, some of the spectacles he performed made people wince. Never being afraid to be hit with anything, trap his throat between ropes, be thrown onto barbed wire and tacks, his matches would end in blood baths. This was what made him so special. The fact that he was willing to be injured to entertain people. He was like the ultimate stuntman, only willing to do things that would make some of Hollywood's finest sit down and cry.

His most memorable match was as the Mankind character against the Undertaker. It was called Hell in a Cell and few would dispute it as one of the most destructive shows wrestling has ever seen. The highlight was him being thrown off the top of the cage, 16 feet onto a table!

Mick Foley has a book out called Mankind - Have a Nice Day which is recommended whole-heartedly to any fan of the sport and anyone who wants to know just how he had the balls to do some of the stuff he actually did.


Mick fought under a number of names with Mankind the most well-known This was the name he used for most of his WWF career. Mankind was originally sadistic, twisted and bizarre. After the numerous transformations of 1997/8, though, Mankind became less deranged and changed his ring attire from brown and black ripped/torn to a white shirt and respectable trousers. He also went through a period of wearing a tuxedo to impress Mr McMahon, 3 who later double-crossed him at the 1998 Survivor Series in the final of the 'Deadly Game' tourney in favour of the wrestler known as the Rock.

Mankind then became involved in a brutal feud the Rock during which the WWF title changed hands four times - first on Raw is War, then at the 1999 Royal Rumble, then back in an Empty Arena Match on Half Time Heat during half time at American Football's Super Bowl game, then back again a month later on Raw is War in a Ladder Match.

Mankind won the WWF title for a third time at Summerslam 1999 in a Triple Threat Match, before dropping it again the following night on Raw is War. He was in some of the best matches of the WWF, including the first Boiler Room Brawl with the Undertaker, and in the second ever Hell in a Cell match at the King of the Ring 1998, when the Undertaker first choke-slammed him through the top of the cell to the ring 12ft below, then threw him 20ft off the top of the cell through an announcers' table. That fall is now the stuff of legend. Mankind last appeared on WWF TV in an episode of SmackDown! when he changed into a new persona.

Cactus Jack

Cactus Jack is the most sadistic of the 'Three Faces of Foley'. With his catchphrase 'Bang Bang!', and his trademark wooden two-by-four with one of the ends wrapped on barbed wire, Cactus was capable of causing extreme injury. It was he who competed in Japan and became 'King of the Japanese Deathmatch', he who lost an ear in Munich, and he who once threw a tag team, the New Age Outlaws, off a ladder 11 foot into a dumpster.4

Cactus Jack, originally the name Mick's dad took in a fantasy wrestling game, was first used by Mick in 1997. After inflicting some serious damage to the WWF he left, annoyed that he was being booed. Cactus was then brought back by commissioner Shawn Michaels for one night in mid-1999. He made a full return on the above-mentioned SmackDown!, and took part in one of the most memorable matches ever at the 2000 Royal Rumble in a Steel City Street Fight with Triple H for the WWF title.

Cactus' last match was Hell in the Cell at No Way Out, February 2000 with Triple H again. Cactus took a huge fall of about 18 foot through a table, then while going for a piledriver was back dropped through the cell roof and he hit the mat so hard the corner he landed in buckled and nearly broke completely. It was Mick Foley's last ever official wrestling match.5

Dude Love

Dude Love was the fun side of Mick Foley. The Dudester appeared as Steve Austin's tag partner in early 1998, however he soon turned on Austin and when McMahon needed a corporate champion to replace Austin as WWF champ the Dudester stepped up to the plate - and failed to beat Austin twice. Mankind re-emerged shortly after.

Mick Foley WWF Honours List

  • WWF Champion 3 times (Mankind)
  • WWF Tag Team Champion 8 times - Mankind and Kane twice, Mankind and Rock (Rock and Sock Connection) four times, Dude Love and Stone Cold Steve Austin once, Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie once.
1 World Championship Wrestling2World Wrestling Federation.3Vince McMahon jnr the owner of the World Wrestling Federation.4Rubbish container.5He returned at Wrestlemaina XVI for one night.

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