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Puberty - A Male Perspective

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Puberty is undeniable proof that someone upstairs is having a joke. The events that occur between the ages of 12 and 18 are possibly the most unpleasant that anyone has to endure.

Up until this point life was fairly simple. Your major problems include whether your favourite cartoon is on, what Mum's making for tea, and whether you'll get to play a sheep in that year's school nativity play.

However, all this is about to change. That friend of yours whose mum is friends with your mum, has started to change.

Physical Changes

Firstly she starts to grow faster, which is a bit annoying when you have to look up when you're talking to her. Then there's the way she starts to get annoyed once every month. Most obviously, there's the way she always walks round with her hands over her chest.

After a while, you start to change as well. While your friend got breasts and a growth spurt, you get saddled with spots, body odour and an uncontrollable voice.

Your friends, meanwhile, are working hard to expand your lexicon. The school changing rooms are suddenly filled with cans of deodorant and aftershave, and your friends are suddenly incredibly interested in whether you've developed pubic hair. You suddenly feel left behind as your friends show off their huge six packs and bulging muscles while you quickly cover up your skinny arms and puppy fat.

Why Now?

Obviously, with your mind in turmoil, your body out of control and your hormones going through the roof, it's an ideal time to go and do some exams. So as well as the stress of whether you're going through puberty at the right speed, whether your hardened nipples are going to turn into breasts and the uncontrollable underwear movements, you also have the stress of coping with revision time tables, mock exams, actual exams and coursework.

This is actually when most of your life decisions are made, career, qualifications and sexuality are all sorted out now. Given your state of mind at the time, is it any wonder that the human race has so many problems?

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