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The American Beatles Albums: The Canadian Albums

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The American Beatles Albums
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Between 1963 and 1964 Capitol of Canada, not as complacent as its American branch1, released three Beatles albums. Copies of these, in the tradition of prohibition, were bootlegged over the border and bought by American Beatles fans before Capitol Records in the States realised the potential of the British band they had been neglecting. The three albums were Beatlemania With The Beatles, released in November 1963, Twist And Shout, released in January 1964 and Long Tall Sally in May 1964. Two singles, 'Roll Over Beethoven' and 'All My Loving' were also issued. After Long Tall Sally, Canadian albums fell in line with their American Capitol Records counterparts.

Beatlemania With The Beatles

Beatlemania With The Beatles was essentially the UK's With The Beatles album renamed to reflect the fact that even Canada was in the early stages of Beatlemania. The album was released simultaneously in Canada and the UK, some two months before its American counterpart's eventual release as Meet The Beatles in January 1964.

Beatlemania With The Beatles
With The Beatles
Canada - 25 November, 1963UK - 22 November, 1963
'It Won't Be Long''It Won't Be Long'
'All I've Got To Do''All I've Got To Do'
'All My Loving''All My Loving'
'Don't Bother Me''Don't Bother Me'
'Little Child''Little Child'
'Till There Was You''Till There Was You'
'Please Mr Postman''Please Mr Postman'
'Roll Over Beethoven''Roll Over Beethoven'
'Hold Me Tight''Hold Me Tight'
'You Really Got A Hold On Me''You Really Got A Hold On Me'
'I Wanna Be Your Man''I Wanna Be Your Man'
'Devil In Her Heart''Devil In Her Heart'
'Not A Second Time''Not A Second Time'

Twist And Shout

On 13 January, 1964, a week before Meet The Beatles was released in the USA and a fortnight before Introducing The Beatles' re-release, a second Canadian Beatles album was issued. This was Twist And Shout.

Twist And Shout, one of only two Beatles albums named after a track the Beatles did not write, was essentially the Canadian equivalent of Please Please Me. All but two of the tracks, the more recent singles 'From Me To You' and 'She Loves You', had been released on that album in the UK. These were included on the Canadian album to encourage sales as they were more popular songs. The two songs they replaced on the Canadian version of the album, Paul McCartney's splendid 'I Saw Her Standing There' and John Lennon's 'Misery', were hardly the weakest songs on the UK album, but following what would later be America's Capitol Records standard practice, were held over until the next album. As a result, 'Anna' is a poor opening replacement to Please Please Me's 'I Saw Her Standing There'.

The American branch of Capitol Records did not release a version of this album until The Early Beatles on 22 March, 1965, although in America this album had been issued as Introducing The Beatles by Vee Jay in July 1963.

Twist And Shout
Please Please Me
Canada - 13 January, 1964UK - 22 March, 1963
'Anna''I Saw Her Standing There'
'Ask Me Why''Chains'
'Please Please Me''Boys'
'Love Me Do''Ask Me Why'
'From Me To You''Please Please Me'
'P.S. I Love You''Love Me Do'
'Baby It's You''P.S. I Love You'
'Do You Want To Know A Secret?''Baby It's You'
'A Taste Of Honey''Do You Want To Know A Secret?'
'There's A Place''A Taste Of Honey'
'Twist And Shout''There's A Place'
'She Loves You''Twist And Shout'

Long Tall Sally

Long Tall Sally was the Beatles third and final Canadian Beatles album. Unlike the other two, it was not loosely based on a British album. Instead it seems to have found its inspiration from the American The Beatles' Second Album, which had been released in America in April 1964. It was, however, slightly longer than its American counterpart, having one more track. This was the second Canadian Beatles' album to be named after a song the Beatles did not write.

Long Tall Sally
The Beatles' Second Album
Canada - 11 May, 1964USA - 10 April, 1964
'I Want To Hold Your Hand''Roll Over Beethoven'
'I Saw Her Standing There''Thank You Girl'
'You Really Got A Hold On Me''You Really Got A Hold On Me'
'Devil In Her Heart''Devil In Her Heart'
'Roll Over Beethoven''Money'
'Misery''You Can't Do That'
'Long Tall Sally''Long Tall Sally'
'I Call Your Name''I Call Your Name'
'Please Mr Postman''Please Mr Postman'
'This Boy''I'll Get You'
'I'll Get You''She Loves You'
'You Can't Do That'

Long Tall Sally was without doubt the least value-for-money of the three Canadian albums. Many of the tracks had already been released on Beatlemania With The Beatles, these included 'You Really Got A Hold On Me', 'Devil In Her Heart', 'Roll Over Beethoven' and 'Please Mr Postman'. Both 'I Saw Her Standing There' and 'Misery' were left-overs from the previous Canadian album, Twist And Shout.

'I Want To Hold Your Hand' was the ground-breaking American number one for the Beatles, having been released before Christmas there in 1963, and its UK B-side, 'This Boy', was also included on the record. 'You Can't Do That' was the B-side to 'Can't Buy Me Love', which, although it didn't appear on this album and later appeared on A Hard Day's Night, had been a successful single released in the UK and America back in March 1964. 'I'll Get You' had been the B-side to 'She Loves You', which had appeared on the Canadian Twist And Shout album.

The title track 'Long Tall Sally' and 'I Call Your Name' were later released in the UK on the Long Tall Sally EP on 19 June, 1964, and did not appear on a UK album until Past Masters: Volume 1.


In addition to these three albums, Capitol of Canada released two singles. The first one was 'Roll Over Beethoven' with 'Please Mr Postman' as its B-side, issued on 9 December, 1963. The second was 'All My Loving' with 'This Boy' as its B-side, released on 17 February, 1964.

1The American Capitol Records had chosen not to release the Please Please Me album and allowed another record company, Vee Jay Records, to release it instead.

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