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Mark Knopfler - the Singer/Guitarist

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Ex-teacher Mark Knopfler used to play in a pub band called the 'Café Racers' until a mate, making note of their financial situation, suggested that they call it Dire Straits. Mark learnt how to play his guitar by studying the bluegrass style. By plucking the strings, he could get more effects and a crisper sound.

Born 12 August, 1949 in Glasgow, Scotland, Knopfler spent most of his early career as a teacher, and a journalist, with the pub band coming a close second.

Knopfler has written music for several films such as Local Hero, Wag the Dog, The Princess Bride, and Cal. After Dire Straits went their separate ways he became more of a session musician, working often with Sonny Landreth and other talented musicians.

Since leaving Dire Straits, he has done a duel album with Chet Atkins and formed a band called the 'Notting Hillbillies'. The band flopped and Mark went back to solo work and some say he is now semi-retired.

Watching Mark Knopfler live is always entertaining. He usually has his guitars stretching behind him as far as the eye can see. Also, he has many pedals, knobs, dials and other assorted equipment which all have to played at the same time.

Look, just go and buy either one of his albums or get a Dire Straits album. On second thought, your parents might already have one.

Recommended Albums:

  • Local Hero
  • Cal
  • Golden Heart
  • Neck & Neck (With Chet Atkins)

Despite not doing any work for nearly a decade, Dire Straits never officially broke up. So there is always hope that there may be a comeback gig someday...

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