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A little green pixie with his head tucked between his legs againgst a flowery background

Pixies are a type of fairy from the UK. They are also known as piskies, pigsies and pexies. There are numerous stories about pixies. Most of these stories come from areas of Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Hampshire and Wiltshire. The appearance of pixies varies between stories, but generally they are little men dressed in green, with red hair, and pointed ears. They are usually wingless.

Pixie Pastimes

Pixies are fun loving. One of their favourite activities is to play in water. They also like to dance by moonlight. Some pixies like to play practical jokes on people. The most common of these is to confuse travellers with illusions so that they become lost1. It is said that wearing your coat inside out will stop a pixie from misguiding you. Pixies have also been known to bang on the walls, rattle cutlery, and other mischievous things.

Pixies can also be helpful. They will come and do household chores during the night. In some areas of Cornwall, a small hole used to be left through the walls of houses, so that the pixies could enter.


A colt-pixie is a horse that leads other horses astray by neighing and getting the horses to follow. There are also tales of colt-pixies protecting apple orchards from apple thieves.

1This is the origin of the term 'pixie-led', meaning to be led astray or confused.

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