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Saturn 1B

The early Apollo development flights including launches into earth orbit of manned and unmanned test vehicles. It required the power of the Saturn V to launch a CSM and a LM together but when the mission required only an unmanned or manned test flight into earth orbit the smaller Saturn 1B was used as a first stage with the Saturn S-IVb as a second stage. The Saturn 1B was built by the Chrysler Corporation at the Michaud assembly facility and used a cluster of eight Rocketdyne H1 liquid fuelled engines with a combined thrust of 1.6 million pounds. Apollo missions using the S-1B first stage booster were launched from pad LC-34 on the Cape Canaveral launch site

Apollo launches using the S-1B were:

  • AS-201 Launch vehicle development. Sub-orbital
  • AS-202 Launch vehicle development. Command module heat shield test
  • AS-203 Launch vehicle development. Fluid dynamics test
  • Apollo 5 Unmanned test of the Lunar Module
  • Apollo 7 Manned test of the Command and Service Module
  • Skylab 2 Launched first crew to Skylab Space Station
  • Skylab 3 Launched second crew to Skylab Space Station
  • Skylab 4 Launched third crew to Skylab Space Station
  • Apollo-Soyuz Launched crew for rendezvous with Soviet Soyuz Spacecraft.

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