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Viva Restaurante, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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Viva Restaurante Latin Club at 1345 Main St in Cincinnati, Ohio, 45210, USA, has a great cooking staff of recently emigrated Mexicans, serving an authentic and tasty - not to mention spicy - selection of Latin foods. Appetizers, entrées, desserts and more abound to tickle your tastebuds.

Drinks at Viva are exotic and tasty, from Margaritas to Pina Coladas to Tarantulas.


DJs and bands at Viva include Tropicoso, a happening band, and Andrea, a cute and hip DJ with all the best in Latin salsa music. Tropicoso plays Wednesday nights and Andrea rocks the club Thursday and Saturday nights. Only the best Merengue, Mambo, Tango and other Latin music is what you will hear at Viva.


Indisputably the best reason to attend Viva is for the dancing. With a large dance floor and the best music in town, you can't resist the urge to move. Beautiful Latina chicas and handsome Latinos populate the club nightly, providing excellent dance partners.

Other Fun Stuff

A dartboard and two pool tables on the lower level of Viva provide hours of entertainment with your friends or acquaintances.


Mike, the bartender, and Ramesh, the bar-back, are great buddies and excellent drink-makers. Tonia, the server, is a lovely Puerto Rican who is always delighted to be your waitress.


Viva is open from 6pm to 2.30am (EST) Wednesday to Saturday nights. It is located at 1345 Main St Cincinnati, OH, 45210, USA.

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