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A dragon writing with quill and ink

Anne McCaffrey has written over 54 books, including collaborations with various authors and over 54 short stories. She has received 17 awards for her writing, including the Margaret A Edwards Lifetime Literary Achievement Award in June 1999. Her works in science fiction and fantasy are known throughout the world, and are a must in any library.

Early Chapters

Anne was born on 1 April, 1926, to Anne and George McCaffrey in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and has two brothers, Hugh and Kevin. After graduating from Radcliffe College, majoring in Slavonic Languages and Literature, she became a character actress on the stage and studied voice for nine years. Anne became very interested in the stage direction of operas and operettas, and ended up directing the American Premiere of Carl Orff's Ludus de Nato Infante Miricus, in which she also played a witch.

Anne married in 1950 and has three children: Alec, born in 1952; Todd, born in 1956; and Georgeanne, born in 1959. By the time all three children were in school, she had already achieved enough success with short stories to devote herself to writing full time.

Her first novel, Restoree, was published in 1967 by Ballantine Books, and in her own words, 'was written as a protest against the absurd and unrealistic portrayals of women in science-fiction novels in the 1950s and early 1960s'. She is probably best known for the Dragonriders of Pern series of books, which has caught the imagination of readers young and old.

Anne now lives in a house of her own design, called Dragonhold-Underhill, in County Wicklow, Ireland. She runs a livery stable, and her horses have been successful in horse trials and showjumping.

When asked if there was one thing that she would like people to know about her, she replied, 'That I am alive!' which goes to prove what a great sense of humour she has. Anne also has a new book coming out in 2001. It is, as yet, untitled, but it is a Pern novel.

Complete List of Anne McCaffrey Titles to June 2000

Note that a lot of these were written in conjunction with other writers.

'Dragonriders of Pern' Series

  • Dragonflight
  • Dragonquest
  • The White Dragon
  • Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern
  • The Smallest Dragonboy1
  • Nerilka's Story
  • Dragonsdawn
  • The Renegades of Pern
  • All the Weyrs of Pern
  • The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall
  • The Dolphin's Bell
  • The Girl Who Heard Dragons2
  • The Dolphins of Pern
  • Red Star Rising3
  • The Masterharper of Pern
  • Runner of Pern4

Harper Hall Trilogy

  • Dragonsong
  • Dragonsinger
  • Dragondrums

Pern-related Works

  • The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern
  • The People Of Pern5
  • Atlas of Pern
  • A Time When

Crystal Singer Series

  • Crystal Singer
  • Killashandra
  • Crystal Line

Talent Series

  • Lady in the Tower
  • A Meeting of Minds
  • To Ride Pegasus
  • Pegasus in Flight
  • Pegasus in Space
  • The Rowan
  • Damia
  • Damia's Children
  • Lyon's Pride
  • The Tower and the Hive

Brainship Series

  • Ship Who Sang
  • Partnership
  • Ship Who Searched
  • City Who Fought
  • Ship Who Won
  • Ship Errant
  • Ship Avenged
  • The Ship That Returned6

Cattani Series

  • Freedom's Landing
  • Freedom's Choice
  • Freedom's Challenge

Doona Series

  • Decision at Doona
  • Crisis on Doona
  • Treaty at Doona

Acorna Series

  • Unicorn Girl
  • Acorna
  • Acorna's Quest
  • Acorna's People

Dinosaur Planet Series

  • Dinosour Planet
  • Dinosaur Planet Survivors
  • The Planet Pirates
  • Sassinak
  • The Death of Sleep
  • Generation/Warriors

Petaybee Series (Written with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough)

  • Powers That Be
  • Power Lines
  • Power Play

Body-heir Series

  • The Coelura (Novella)
  • Nimisha's Ship

Stand-alone Novels

  • Restoree
  • Mark of Merlin
  • Cooking Out of This World Cookbook
  • Ring of Fear
  • Stitch in Snow
  • The Year of the Lucy
  • The Lady (aka The Carradyne Touch)
  • An Exchange of Gifts
  • No One Noticed the Cat
  • If Wishes Were Horses
  • Space Opera
  • Black Horses for the King
  • Kilternan Legacy
  • Serve it Forth (cookbook)
  • Dragon Lover's Treasury of the Fantastic
  • Three Women
  • A Diversity of Dragons
  • Alchemy and Academe
1A short story as part of the compilation Get off the Unicorn.2Short stories, one of which is set on Pern.3The US title is Dragonseye.4A short story as part of the compilation Legends, edited by Robert Silverberg.5The artwork of Pern - with Robin Wood.6From the short story collection Far Horizons, edited by Robert Silverberg.

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