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The Sandwich Shop, Gloucester Road, London, UK

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The Sandwich Shop in Gloucester Road, London, UK, is the stuff of legend.

So what's special about this shop? As the name suggests, it sells sandwiches. But what the name doesn't tell you is that it sells very good sandwiches, both freshly-made baguette-type ones and pre-packaged ones.

'But hang on a second,' you interject, 'there are about a million other sandwich shops in London...' This, however, is a candidate for being the sandwich shop.

The best thing about this shop becomes clear after 4pm. At this magical hour, all pre-packaged sandwiches miraculously experience a reduction in price. In fact, they are reduced to half price. This goes a long way towards keeping many an Imperial College student well-nourished and healthy. Perhaps, in a small way, these bargain-priced sandwiches help ensure that these students do well in exams and become good scientists or engineers, who will eventually contribute to the economy of the nation as a whole, and keep the prestige of the College high.


So what's on offer here? Fillings range from popular ones like cheese and pickle, to unusual (and sometimes disgusting) combinations that you can create yourself1. If sandwiches are not to your fancy, you can get a slice of pizza or a hot dog, or even some chips. They also sell pastries and doughnuts. They make a good hot chocolate, and sell a wide range of soft drinks.

If you're a devout Muslim, rest assured. The lamb, beef and chicken meat they use is Halal - slaughtered in the correct fashion, so you can feast yourself without any feelings of guilt. Some of the people serving you also speak Hindi, which is always a plus point in a multicultural and ethnically diverse city, especially when you're a stone's throw away from a college that has a large number of British Asian students.

1This Researcher knows at least one person who ordered a cheese omelette, tuna and sweetcorn sandwich with lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, chilli sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup, salt and pepper. Yuck.

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