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'Blind Date' (UK) - the TV Series

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Blind Date is a long-running British TV show hosted by Cilla Black, that has, unfortunately for those overseas, been syndicated abroad. It provides the setting for an individual to meet a possible partner by asking three questions of three possible candidates. The individuals involved must adhere to three basic criteria to take part. They must be:

  1. Aged 18 or over
  2. Single and unattached
  3. Lively and fun

The same three questions must be asked of each of the candidates who have the opportunity to reply in an appropriately charming, and hopefully witty fashion. Due to the considerable differences between any given gathering of individuals the results can be anything from hilarious to totally embarrassing. There is the very strong possibility that replies delivered by candidates are either pre-prepared or just totally scripted.

The standard line-up of candidates normally consists of three different types.

  • The Charmer will have a toned physique, have an appearance to which 'perfect', 'handsome' or 'beautiful' are suitable terms and will offer replies that leave the questioner swooning (and the viewer vomiting).

  • The Straight Person will be dressed in something they normally use for job interviews, have an appearance that can be universally described as 'nice' and will offer humorous replies that would result in summary execution in anything but the politest seaside clubs.

  • The Eccentric will normally appear to have just been kicked out of a fancy dress party or expelled from a mental asylum, have an appearance that suggests that they don't spend too much time in front of mirrors, suffer from colour blindness, and will have prepared the majority of their replies while under the influence of psychoactive drugs.

The reward for being chosen is a chance to spend a day or weekend somewhere selected at random while being hounded by a camera crew. It could be a gondola trip in Venice or a hike up Ben Nevis1. Whatever footage is shown is usually embarrassing and slapstick with the occasional forced hug or kiss for effect. The two victims are then questioned about what went wrong, what irritated them most about the other and whether, given the fact that the previous questions have revealed both involved to be either gibbering neurotics or ravenous nymphomaniacs, they plan to carry on seeing each other.

1Ben Nevis is Scotland's highest mountain measuring 4,406ft (1,344m).

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