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Blue Mountain Coffee

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Blue Mountain coffee is arguably one of the best coffees in the world and is produced on the island of Jamaica in the Caribbean. To make yourself one cup of this excellent brew, acquire some freshly ground or whole Blue Mountain Coffee beans, boil water, add some of the coffee and wait for about five minutes to let the coffee seep through the water. Drink this, and your mouth will love you for the rest of your life.

Blue Mountain beans are java coffee beans and are highly respected by coffee connoisseurs the world over. The taste is as rich and inviting as the aroma promises and a cup of this should be savoured for at least 20 minutes, not gulped in an instant. This is a rarity. This is a treasure. This really is the king of the coffee bean.

Actually, the hardest part of making a cup of this excellent coffee is to get hold of the beans themselves. Blue Mountain coffee is extremely expensive, extremely good, and also in some areas of the world, extremely difficult to acquire. In Jamaica, Blue Mountain coffee beans can be found in every shape and form and if you go to the local markets, you will find the beans sold loose, roasted or unroasted, for half the price of packaged items in the tourist shops.

The production of Blue Mountain Coffee was started in the 1720s, and reached its peak in the years between 1800 and 1840. It wasn't until recent years that the coffee has been shown renewed interest.

Why Blue Mountain coffee is as good as it is, is a matter of conjecture. Maybe it has to do with the tropical climate of the island, the weather (a mix of rain, sun and just the right temperature in the shades), the soil, the altitude of the coffee fields and all the good vibrations of the reggae booming out from stereos all over Jamaica.

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