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Columbus, Ohio, USA

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Named after none other than Christopher Columbus, who has been credited with 'discovering' the new world (until relatively recently), Columbus, Ohio, USA was founded in 1797 for the purpose of creating a state capital located in the centre of the state. Columbus took over the state government from Chillicothe in 1816 and was finally incorporated in 1834.

Columbus has a rich heritage, including an historical part of town where many German immigrants once lived and which is now appropriately called the German Village. This area of town is still lined with brick sidewalks and streets.

Columbus started developing when major transportation routes reached the city. The National Road hit Columbus in 1833, and the railroad came in 1850.

Contemporary Columbus

Columbus, the capital of Ohio, is the most centrally located city in the state. The town is probably best known as the home of the Ohio State University. Columbus is often called 'Cow town' by other Ohio residents, and residents of the city itself, due to the rural nature of the town and its rural surroundings. However, it is the largest (by population) city in the state, and the 15th largest city in the nation. It has a population of 700,000, with more than 1.5 million in the metropolitan area.

Columbus is a financially prosperous community. Of the 25 largest cities in the nation, Columbus is one of two cities to receive an AAA rating from both Moody's and Standard and Poor's (US investment companies). The town is a major industry and trade area in a rich farm region and produces manufactured goods including appliances, machinery and auto parts.

Local Sports Teams:

Things to Do

The visitor who doesn't want to look like a visitor might find it noteworthy that the three most common things to do in this town are often done at the same time (or at least in the same evening). These three activities are eating, drinking, and going to the movies. There are of course other activities, including sporting events (see above). There are also many concerts in the area and there is a rather good theatre too.

If you're not staying in the downtown area and need to get there, you'd be better off getting a cab. The public system is adequate, but not impressive. There are many places to visit on the outskirts of town as well, so you'll not really have a problem finding places to eat or things to do.

Since eating is one of the more popular activities in Columbus, there are many restaurants in and around the city, many of which are locally owned and operated and provide the most outstanding food and unique dining experience, along with many that provide a brew of their own too.


There's simply not enough to say about driving in Columbus. Many people worry about getting lost. If you get lost, just keep driving in the same direction. You'll eventually hit the by-pass of the town (I-270) which is quite simply just a huge race track (ie resembling a circle where people drive faster than they really should).

If you visit Columbus, you will no doubt notice that there is construction on almost every major thoroughfare in the area. Eric Idle, of Monty Python fame, recently performed in Columbus and made the statement that Columbus would be a wonderful city 'when it is finished'. Stand-up comic Gallagher also commented that Columbus was founded on the statement of, 'we ain't using that field, it looks like the perfect place to not finish a highway'.

In reality, there are two interstates that pass through Columbus (I-71 with entry/exit points on the southwest and northeast sides of town, and I-70 with entry/exit points on the east and west sides of town). There is a third interstate if you count the previously mentioned bypass. There are numerous US and state highways that run into and through town. It seems that at least one of these has some sort of construction underway at all times.

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