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Wyoming, USA

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Somewhere in the heartland of the United States of America there is a patch of square land called the State of Wyoming. It hails its creation as the first state of the union to allow women to vote, a bizarre fluke of history which only happened because there wouldn't have been enough people to make a vote worthwhile otherwise. Along those lines, Wyoming's state song is a clever ballad of discovery and intrigue, heralded by this spicy and ingenious rhyme:

Wyoming, Wyoming, the equality State
Wyoming, Wyoming, you really rate
Where women are women and men are men
But equal all the same!
Wyoming, Wyoming, we proudly bear your name!

Official State Objects

The official state seal is a buffalo in a circle. Buffalo meat is lauded as 'good for you', in an effort to appeal to the American obsession with appearance. Buffalo first grunt, then kick, then trample any person foolhardy enough to approach them, as many people have found out to their cost in Yellowstone Park.

The state bird is the Meadowlark, a strange concept since the birds themselves haven't been seen in Wyoming since the depression. Indeed, due to popular demand, the state is debating whether to change the official state bird from the Meadowlark to the Republican.

Yellowstone National Park

With a population hovering just under the 500,000 mark, the uncrowded state of Wyoming is home to some absolutely stunning scenery. A lot of it is here in Yellowstone Park. Internationally renowned, this wilderness consists of 3,472 square miles (8,987 square km) of natural beauty. The world's first National Park, it ranges from the lofty Eagle Peak (11,358 feet) down to Reese Creek (5,282 feet). About half of it is underwater (Yellowstone Lake itself covers 136 square miles), and almost all of the rest is forest.

Perhaps the most famous Yellowstone features are geothermal, including the legendary 'Old Faithful' geyser, Mud Pots, Hot Springs, and steam vents.

Jackson Hole

South of Yellowstone is Jackson Hole, home to one of the most visited ski resorts in the world. Located in the Grand Tetons, it includes some of the most intense and challenging skiing in the country.


Founded by the rip-roaring cowboy Buffalo Bill Cody, this town in the rustic north is known for its Rodeos and for the Buffalo Bill Historical Centre, which boasts a large collection of Western history and culture.


A little southeast of Cody, Thermopolis is home to the worlds largest mineral hot spring pools. This is the warmest water park in the country since the pools are fed from the hot spring terraces. The water takes on a slight green colour from the algae that thrive in the 127 degree temperature. The water apparently originates from deeply buried volcanic rock and gas below Owl Creek mountains. Hot Spring State park offers trail rides to explore the source of the hot terraces, as well as hunting, white water rafting, golf. and museums. If you can get used to the smell of sulphur, this can be one of the most enjoyable visits that you ever make.

Other Attractions

The crystal clear mountain lakes of Tensleep, the history and entertainment of Cheyenne, and the mystery of the ancient Big Horn Medicine Wheel are other stops that one should not miss in this magical state.

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