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The Village Curry House, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

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The Village Curry House in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, is mingin'1, but the food more than makes up for it. Situated next to the Lord Nelson pub and on the same street as Glasgow Central Mosque, The Village Curry House is a gem. It is one of the few curry houses in Glasgow that is frequented by Asians. The reason the restaurant is so popular is all in the preparation of the food.

You see, the majority of curry houses pre-cook their food. They bring it to you in record time, but the mark of a true-tasting curry is in its freshness. Curry that has been lying in a carton in the fridge for days will not taste the same. You go to The Village and the food is cooked in an open kitchen, right in front of you. All of the ingredients in the curry are fresh; from the tomatoes, lemons, and onions to the chillies and the herbs.

You go there and you pick up one of the house specials, perhaps a lamb tawwa and a plain paratha. You wait from a quarter to a half hour for your food, and you take in the decor. The place looks like a log cabin. The tables and chairs are falling apart - until recently one of the tables had a book propping it up. There's Bollywood posters for upcoming, usually poor quality, blockbusters. You feel bored waiting, so you order a jug of mango milkshake which you share with your pals. You have not lived until you taste those Village shakes; they are the sweetest thickest shakes you can get outside of fast food restaurants and they are made in 'straight off the streets of Karachi' style. Ice cream, mangoes, and milk form a heavenly concoction that feels yummy sitting in your tummy. Then nature calls.

The toilets are really not worth going into; they can be as disgusting as the food is delicious. You set foot inside and your whole being instantly retches in disbelief. Regular patrons usually head next door to the Lord Nelson for a quick one. They can be that bad, but you must try before you can judge them.

Anyway, you eat up; you're satisfied; you pay up; and you go. Safe in the knowledge that you've had one of the best curries money can buy. But you haven't had the best until you've had a bamboo leaf meal in Lahore, Pakistan.

1For a definition of the word 'mingin'', see Scottish Slang.

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